About Us

Ubique Asset Management Pty Ltd (Ubique) is a boutique investment manager that focuses on managing Australian equity portfolios on behalf of wholesale investors.

Our name comes from one of our beliefs –  that we need to be prepared to go everywhere and consider everything in order to find and then truly understand the merits of investment opportunities.  Ubique (pronounced U-bee-kwy) literally means Everywhere.

Our objective is to consistently provide our clients with better than market returns, net of our fees, over the medium to longer term (our target is > 2% p.a. net above the S&P ASX 300 Accumulation Index over rolling 3 year periods).  To do this we follow a rigorous and conservative process that considers quality first and value second. In essence, we look to buy shares in good quality companies at prices that we believe are below intrinsic value.

Ubique was founded in late 2011 by John Harbot and Martin Kleindyk. Prior to founding Ubique, John worked at Perpetual Investments where he managed over A$2bn in the first quartile performing Australian Share Fund strategy. Martin joined Ubique from Argo, one of Australia’s oldest Listed Investment Companies. John and Martin have known each other for almost 20 years, having previously worked together at Lodge Partners.

Ubique is 100% owned by our investment team and we are committed to limiting our size to maximise our potential to perform.  We will close to new clients if our total funds under management (FUM) is well above A$3bn and we will close to all new inflows if our total FUM is sustainably above A$4.5bn.